Firmware V0.3.0 is here


First steroid shot

Previous version was just a warm-up, V0.3.0 speed up your Luos Network refresh rate by approximately 30.

:warning: This revision is not retro-compatible, you have to switch all your modules to v0.3.0.

To update your modules follow this tutorial :

This new version modify a lot of things and there is a new version of pyluos (1.0.10) to manage it.
update using :
pip install pyluos --upgrade

New features :

  • Localhost messages (thanks to this, Json can act on the Gate)
  • Dynamic modules detection (you don’t need to reboot everything when you add/remove a module from your network anymore)
  • Json syntaxe optimization
  • Json multiple parameter management
  • Improved module name management
  • Speed communication between module increased from 57600 to 1000000
  • Gate led blink at each network refresh (allowing you to easily get your network speed)
  • Dynamixel communication delay time reduced
  • Imu refresh rate increased
  • Dynamixel temperature management
  • Dynamixel Register write management
  • Dynamixel can re-scan motors
  • Void module type for void Dynamixel module


  • Gate crash on command rush from computer


Amazing steroid engineering !!!

is for the USB gate ?


Yes, from now, Gate firmware is the same for any gate such as Raspberry Pi module, power pi module, USB module, and the new wifi/ble module comming soon :wink:


A small bug has been detected on revision 0.3.0.
One of the two branchs of Gates modules can only detect 1 module. I just release a fix on firmware revision 0.3.1 for Gates modules.

I also find another bug on pyluos. Due to update fréquence raise from gates, pyluos miss some messages. I reimplement the reception thread using a thread safe queue. pyluos 1.0.11 should’t miss any messages.